The papers will be published in the international peer-reviewed academic semi-annual "Journal of Education Culture and Society" ( up to the day of the conference. However, the paper needs to be positively reviewed.
If it does not meet the standards of the peer-reviewed academic journal, it will be published inproceedings Education, Culture, Society. Nowadays challenges.

 "The Journal of Education, Culture and Society" (ISSN 2081-1640; is an international peer-reviewed printed academic semi-annual founded in 2010 by Aleksander Kobylarek (PhD), head of the "Pro Scientia Publica" foundation. It is published to promote the work of emerging young academics in the field of science. The periodical accepts most of all texts written by students and doctoral candidates who are embarking on an academic career and who wish to publish their first research in English. The aim of the periodical is to promote the work of young talented researchers in the humanities, cultural studies, social sciences, law, economics and education. Each issue is divided into a maximum of 6 sections: ethics, transgressions, experience, dynamics, expression, Polish culture and society. By the June of 2012 five issues (1/2010, 2/2010, 1/2011, 2/2011, 1/2012) of the journal have already been published and printed and the sixth issue (2/2012) is currently being finished.