Marriage ceremony as reflection competition and cooperation between gender in Datoga pastoralists of Tanzania

Ph.D, D.Sc. Head of the Department of Cross-Cultural Psychology and Human Ethology; Russian Academy of Science, Professor of the Center of Cultural Anthropology, Russian State University for the Humanities.

 RESEARCH INTERESTS: Evolution of aggression and peacemaking, altruism and cooperation in humans, human and primate ethology, human evolution, African studies, gender studies, cross-cultural studies on partner choice and marriage satisfaction.

RESEARCH EXPERIENCE: field studies in Central Russia, Kalmukia, Northern Tanzania, Zambia, 1993-present.

PUBLICATIONS: 265, among them publications in American Journal of Physical Anthropology, Current Anthropology, Evolution and Human Behavior, Behavior, Behavior Genetics, Aggressive Behavior, Human Nature, Primates.

GRANTS: German Academy of Science, Soros Foundation, RFHR, French Academy of Science, Open Society Foundation, Presidium of Russian Academy of Science, Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Russian Foundation for Research in Humanities.




 Justyna OLKO



Why Study and Revitalize Endangered Languages? The Case of Colonial and Modern Nahuatlmy 


 Justyna Olko is an associate professor and vice-dean at the Faculty of “Artes Liberales,” University of Warsaw.

RESEARCH INTERESTS: She specializes in Mesoamerican ethnohistory and anthropology, with a special focus on Nahua (Aztec) culture and its survival until the present day as well as cross-cultural transfers and language contact between Europe and New Spain.

PUBLICATIONS: Author of several books, including Turquoise Diadems and Staffs of Office. Insignia of Power in Aztec and Early Colonial Mexico (2005), Insignia of Rank in the Nahua World (University Press of Colorado, 2013) and Mexico before the Conquest (“Meksyk przed konkwistą,” Klio Award 2010).

GRANTS AND AWARDS:She was awarded fellowships in Pre-Columbian Studies at Dumbarton Oaks (Harvard University) and John Carter Brown Library (Brown University) and received several major grants for directing team projects: the Starting Grant of the European Research Council (2012, Europe and America in Contact), the subsidy of the Foundation for Polish Science (2010, Language Encounters between the Old and New Worlds), the grant of the National Science Centre (Dialogue with Europe, Dialogue with the Past, 2011) and the grant of the Polish Ministry of Science (2012) for developing interdisciplinary models of revitalization of endangered languages, including Nahuatl.



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